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Vexed someone think sadness

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Vexed someone think sadness

Post by shy1314 on October 27th 2011, 02:02

A mankind's world, appreciate, a male injured. Annoying, one hiding. The soreness, the a single painful. The actual street, someone wearing a new ralph lauren outfits aimless wander. The highway, one concept, one fabulous alone, have including just may have worried concerning is, there exists worry about may have sorrow. The sensation of lacking someone? It truly is just for instance seeing some sort of cruel attractiveness. Back to see those tranquil you write, only remain in my wonderful poem, with heavy feeling that the ShiJian, inside the deep heart's main, swaying with the sad for you to leave solely.
Light chrysanthemum fairly sweet, threads regarding thought when using the fragrance plus sorrow. The actual autumn wind rustling, in which carry the particular poet of cold, as well as voice from the years stiched as WHEN I the darkness of temples, permit in substantial spirits plus melancholy. Someone a pot of teas, worry inside the carefully serve out, hug xiu to be able to wipe tears dots, along with love simply no chrysanthemum nice. Just the reason why, you attired in polo ralph lauren pas cher clothes if your figure of your dream all the time reappearance.
Memories will usually pointed to help old wounds, and MY SPOUSE AND I wasn't made possible to overlook. Remembering the past good time, a man ahead from the quiet, on your own the wall, listen to your booty adore songs, the actual lyrics, charms with the eyes involving earnings and also blurred the memory from the once.

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Re: Vexed someone think sadness

Post by Somedress on October 30th 2011, 23:35

I don't what to sad, your words, about sadness, make me cry......
May you be happy~~~

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