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The northeast hosiery hosiery adidas in hand

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The northeast hosiery hosiery adidas in hand

Post by shy1314 on November 27th 2011, 21:28

The northeast hosiery company group hosiery company by way of a one-time adidas factory inspection, become justly famed sports type of cotton socks companies, to the finish of June is definitely the first to provide 300000 frames of socks.
For a famous international sports type of chaussure de foot adidas to be able to supplier can be quite strict, in addition to the hardware features, in the management technique, management function, the output operation typical, quality standards, etc even offers a stringent standards. The group chose the northeast hosiery backyard, mainly due to its great management and also advanced gear, especially nowadays, the speedy growing tendency.
At found, the northeast hosiery lawn has could be the largest cotton socks production base, the ChanMian sox symbiotic 2009 1. THREE OR MORE billion sets, achieve end product of a hundred million yuan over 20. To be able to preemptive high-end marketplace, the northeast hosiery has on the Italian buy 400 packages with primary international amount of sox device, and the production working area, building as well as decorate whole extension, ideal the spice control services, and inside staff exercising, the important service plus staff welfare has built great advancement. In march this season, chaussure foot adidas entrusted by third party factory examination company--the United states Andrew firm in northeast The far east, hosiery enterprise group hosiery company for tight inspection. In excess of 50 through a one-time objects, certificate plus the qualifications regarding factory inspection examination, for being the adidas silk cotton socks manufacturers. In may possibly, the first 300000 twos of socks order into output, 6 prior to end off shipments. Adjusted the 2nd batch booty with signing from the order, plus the third, the company group hosiery hosiery corporation adidas processing line is going to be fully put in place, has place in operation.

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