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Which season warming the ruin

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Which season warming the ruin

Post by shy1314 on December 1st 2011, 04:45

When the light touch of shallow but sing, in casual a momentary, but suddenly miss you very much, the flowers is light shallow ground safe, beautiful the I never some lonely. A and a sad and be shallow across ever thought can no longer see the sky. I tried to polish stays with bright in the dazzling smile, but, but more and more bright enchanting. When the year, time, flies in the past time, I still wore that pair of nike mercurial vapor shoes, with once the booty of bright and beautiful, not looking on.
You are my first bright and beautiful, but hidden in the bottom corner. Don't want to mention, also don't want to put down. Busy if yes, YanYu boys in every bit of the sky, I just miss you silently. As the spread of wanton lonely, infiltration bone marrow. I used to think that as long as I like you, and you will be like I like you the same like me. But then, I found that, no matter how much I efforts, finally also miss you life in the end of time. As such as blood sunset, not the time lag with fingertips.
I know, in your heart of the city, has been living a accompany you to wear chaussure de foot nike shoes through first beautiful people, even if you not together. Scattered memories, warm once, is you can't repeatedly ache, and was buried in the bottom of the heart of silent pain. She is the name of your heart, and I, I just dispensable shadow. You gave a belong to my story, but did not and I end illustrious career, I know I'm not what you want to find her, so I can only use these the most simple written, you write her, write me.
In the time of the run in the gaps, I have been in memory, recalling the time in the beautiful blooming ao however, although you are not. Or happy or sad, will think of you, a QianKe in the beauty of life. Time goes by a chance of the screen, the tears of precipitation once, we are each other in life not be careful, but can't forget.

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Re: Which season warming the ruin

Post by pottiq on December 14th 2011, 07:02

pottiq wrote:Well! I will look into this site.www.bgocled.com


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