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A Tool Of The Organist's Success

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A Tool Of The Organist's Success

Post by xiaobizhu on July 31st 2011, 21:22

To be successful in an occupation, one must have the right tools. A carpenter needs properly weighted hammers, sharp saws, a good screwdriver and the skills to use each of those tools. An accountant needs calculators, computer programs and the knowledge nike heels to use those tools. The organist also must have the proper tools and the skills and knowledge to use those tools to be successful in her occupation.
The most distinctive tool of the organist's trade is her footwear. You can always tell an organist by her shoes. Rarely does anyone more than four years old wear black patent leather shoes with perky ribbon laces other than an organist. This rather tap-dance shoe look-alike is an organist's favorite pair of shoes! Comfortable, slick leather-soled, inch-high heeled, neatly ribbon-tied through a single eyelet pair of shoes stays at the organ nike heels for women or travels in her briefcase to organ playing destinations.
So, why are patent-leather tie-up, leather-soled shoes such an important tool for the organist? The organist needs the ability to move effortlessly across the pedal board exacting notes that run the gamut from scale wise booty to long held tones and everything in between. For example, in fugal compositions cheap nike heels, an organist's feet are called on to play the same fugue subject as the ten fingers of the hands. Thus, nothing should hinder pedal technique.
Comfortable tie-up or buckle shoes are a must for an organist's success. Shoes must fit snugly and stay on the foot-ties and buckles make sure that is going to happen. One cannot jordan heelsexecute complicated pedal booty in sloppy slip-on shoes. For maximum success the organist must choose her organ shoes carefully then make sure those shoes are used for nothing else nike duan heelsexcept gliding over the organ pedals. Never should these shoes be worn outside or as casual house shoes.
Well-designed organ shoes have leather-soles that allow the feet to glide over the pedals. Just imagine an organist trying to play the pedal booty of Bach's Fugue in d minor in a pair of rubber-soled athletic shoes. The effort at best would be clumsy and inarticulate.
Organ shoes with inch-high heels give the organist the ability to play scale wise or intervals of a third in a legato manner. Flat-heeled shoes or those with four-inch spike heels simply inhibit the ability of the player. An organist who nike heelscan use both heel and toe with both feet successfully play complicated repertoire in a more elegant fashion.
Today, just like in everything else, an organist has shoe choices. I have explored several of those choices cautiously venturing away from the traditional black patent leather organ shoe to mildly extravagant pairs. At times my feet have been shod in very booty silver tie-up shoes or in gold dusted shoes in a stunning strap style. Each pair though, is comfortable, tie-up or buckle-up, leather-soled, and has an inch-high heel. These shoes are one of the tools of my organist trade. These "magic shoes" as one of my students calls them jordan high heels, help make an ordinary person someone different, someone special, someone unlike others-an organist!
Dr. Jeannine Jordan has made music heels 2011 her life. She is a performer and teacher and loves sharing her music and helping others realize their goals of becoming organists and pianists. http://www.nikeukstore.com
Jeannine received the Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Oregon specializing in booty Organ performance with additional studies in booty Piano Pedagogy.
She also actively performs throughout the world and is known for her unique programming which strives to bring music alive for her audiences. Find out more about Jeannine at Pro-Motion Music and the new book On The Heels Of An Organist


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Re: A Tool Of The Organist's Success

Post by Somedress on November 24th 2011, 03:19

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